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About My Robo Robotics Academy

My Robo Robotics academy is a pioneer in robotic education in Kerala. Established in the year 2018, the firm was started to spread robotic education among school children. Founded by 2 established IT professionals, My Robo has a diverse and established leadership required to provide value to its stakeholders. The firm offers robotic classes to leading CBSE, ICSE and State schools across 5 districts across Kerala. The firm focuses on training students in a hands-on way over theory sessions. Modern concepts like design thinking and experimental education are practiced across its education system. My Robo staff are chosen from leading colleges in Kerala and provided thorough training to ensure quality education to its students.

Courses Subscribed

Type of Course Course Title
Certified Skill DiplomaRobotics
Certified Skill DiplomaInternet of Things (IoT)


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