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This new Program combines cutting edge academic learning with practical, front-line knowledge about the effect of AI. With like-minded, global professionals and university researchers, professional will learn how to lead in the development, implementation and running of AI systems. This will give them the self-confidence to not only cut through the 'spin' but also drive long-term value creation and career development.

Market Analysis and Scope of the Program

Market Need: The global artificial intelligence (AI) market size was valued at USD 27.23 billion and is projected to reach USD 266.92 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 33.2% during the forecast period. Artificial intelligence is one of the most unbelievable techs that will alter lives in almost all sides of modern society. This technology provides significant development prospects that many businesses and companies have already been fast to take. AI technology can learn and handle huge amounts of information that will boost and transform operations in different fields successfully. Over a certain period of learning and understanding, AI technology can anticipate needs and make informed and significant decisions. Unlike business intelligence technology, which analyzes data and leaves the decision-making parts for human beings, AI will make decisions after evaluating data. The various ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be important in business are: saving time and money, generate business insights to make smart decisions, improving customer experience, AI technology enhances productivity, reducing errors.

Industry Demand: Intelligent decision making and algorithms drive business excellence. Companies are experiencing a sensational transformation in their businesses by drawing insights from data in solving business problems and in optimizing various processes. Artificial Intelligence has brought phenomenal changes in almost all areas of business and society, including predicting crime in metropolitan cities, efficient and effective operations in logistics and transportation, detecting fraud while handling customers, managing risk in insurance, managing inventory, predicting patients? illness, improving customer relationship, creating brand through social media, managing demand in energy sector and so on. Disruptive data-driven models and competences are reshaping the organizational performance in a phenomenal way.

The continuous research and innovation directed by the tech giants are driving the adoption of advanced technologies in industry verticals but AI has brought technology at the center of the organizations. Tech giants like, Inc.; Google LLC; Apple Inc.; Facebook; International Business Machines Corporation; and Microsoft are investing significantly in the research and development of AI. These companies are working for making AI more accessible for enterprise use-cases. Artificial Intelligence or AI career opportunities have escalated recently due to its surging demands in industries. The hype that AI in Business will create tons of jobs is justifiable. A career in this field looks more promising than any other jobs available these days. Different businesses need AI talent to fulfil the organization's technological requirements. Thus, a career in AI is not only attracting the job-seekers towards it but is witnessing immense growth.

Suitable Job Roles
Big Data Engineer in Business
Business Intelligence Developer
Data Scientist
AI Engineer
Research Scientist

Ashok Veda, Ph.D
Founder and CEO, Rubixe

Tridib Mukherjee
Vice Presidentand Head, AI andData Science, Games24x7 PrivateLimited