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Data Analytics refers to the methods used to analyse data to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted from various sources and is cleaned and categorized to analyse various behavioural patterns. The techniques and the tools used vary according to the organization or individual. So, in short, if you understand your Business Administration and have the capability to perform Exploratory Data Analysis to gather the required information, then you are good to go with a career in Data Analytics.

Data analysts translate numbers into plain English. Data Analyst delivers value to their companies by taking information about specific topics and then interpreting, analysing, and presenting findings in comprehensive reports. So, if you can collect data from various sources, analyse the data, gather hidden insights, and generate reports, you can become a Data Analyst. 

Market Information and Need for PGP in Predictive Business Analytics

Decision making is increasingly becoming data-driven within the commercial sector and the government. There is a large quantity of data readily available for this at present. Smart devices connected to the internet bring more input sources, apart from those generated by humans as they interact with services and one another. Data-driven decision making involves the analysis of large volumes of data to identify patterns and build predictive models. This requires combining skills ranging from computing, statistics, and mathematics and is broadly labeled data science. This program also equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of advanced data science tools so that they can effectively manage and lead high-performing data science and analytics teams.

According to Business Insider, all Indian organizations face a data analysis about their product. This finding is a clear calling for the need for Data Analyst. Job opportunities in this field are ample, with a 98% increase in Data analytics job postings in Production, Financial Services, and Marketing & HR. On average, a Data Analyst can expect a salary of ₹4, 04,660 (IND) or $83,878 (US). As experts, data analysts are often called on to use their skills and tools to provide competitive analysis and identify trends within industries. If you wish to know more about a Data Analyst's Salary trends, you can read our full article on Data Analyst Salary.

Suitable Job Roles
Predictive Analysis Professional
Data Scientist
Management Analyst
Market Researcher
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Business Analyst
Sales and Market Analyst
Sales and Market Analyst
Data Management Operator
Customer Service Analyst

Dr.Pallavi Kudal
Corporate Data Science Trainer, Pune

Dr. D. Kumaresan
Faculty & SPSS Trainer

Dr. P Karthikeyan
Faculty & Data Analytics Trainer

Dr. R. Ravanan
SPSS & AMOS Trainer

Prof. Dharmendra
Data Analytics Trainer

Dr. Amit Kumar Nag
Data Analytics Trainer