Game Development with AR & VR

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Welcome to the world of gaming, where Reality can be Augmented, Virtual, or Mixed. Augmented Reality (AR), more used in gaming and critical simulation training, is the technology that gives an interactive experience to the user, making the situations feel real. Virtual Reality (VR) that has found high application in industries like entertainment, education, and medical science, ties virtually to reality by creating an interactive computer-generated 3D environment. And Mixed Reality (MR) is the merger of the Virtual and the Real. With life moving from real to digital, gaming has too; and so has the demand for professionals skilled in XR technologies. If you are someone interested in entertainment and technology, this might be the profession for you. We also have the perfect set of courses to prepare you for the profession. With our Game Development catalogue, gain hands-on experience in trending game development processes, tools, and techniques, achieve greater design and development efficiencies in different game and application development platforms like Unity, AR Core, and AR Kit for iOS and Android devices. The catalogue includes courses involving technologies that will help you develop and advance your skills in AR, VR, and XR and advance your career in one of the fastest-growing career paths.

Course Catalogue
Basic Level

32 Courses

Intermediate Level

55 Courses

Advance Level

32 Courses

Comprehensive Level

15 Courses

Industry Certification

10 Courses

Suitable Job Roles
Quality Assurance
XR Developer
UI and UX Design
Vidio Game System Desiner
QA Game Tester
Game Programmer
Game Designer
Game Animator
Software Engineer
Product Management