Cyber Security

Understand the trends in Cyber Security and upgrade yourself to be among the best in the industry.
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Cyber Security entails the practices and tools used to secure the network infrastructure and computing devices from malicious access and security threats, helping businesses prevent vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data. An efficient Cyber Security system avoids threats such as data tampering, fraud, disruptions in critical operations, and inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information. With the growing demand and application of advanced security solutions, the demand for Cyber Security professionals has gone up too. Obtain access to 100+ courses in this catalogue and propel your Cyber Security career to greater heights, while also helping businesses remain secure, proactive, and competitive. During the courses you will contribute to Cyber Security projects executed on primary open-source platforms; learn the use of tools like Metasploit, Protocol Buffers, Pen Testing, pfSense, etc; understand security concepts and policies along with the application of Cyber Security procedures for real-world security threat scenarios and real-time problems. The courses will also enable you to describe basic authentication mechanisms, prevent malware, demonstrate an understanding of firewalls, virtual private networks, network intrusion detection, and understand how to recover from security failures. Not just that, you get the chance to prepare for the most important certifications issued by CompTIA with hands-on ethical hacking sessions.

Course Catalogue
Basic Level

23 Courses

Intermediate Level

29 Courses

Advance Level

27 Courses

Comprehensive Level

10 Courses

Industry Certification

14 Courses

Suitable Job Roles
Incident Responder
Cyber Security Engineer
IT Auditor
Cyber Security Architect
Cyber Crime Investigator
Penetration Tester
Cyber Security Consultant
Information Security Manager