Devops Automation

Do you wish to get in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools?

Register for this catalogue at Rs. 4499/- and access 121 courses for 1 year, anytime & anywhere!

Register for this catalogue at Rs. 4499/- and access 121 courses for 1 year, anytime & anywhere!

Devops Automation

DevOps is the set of practices and the relationship shared between software development and IT operations. It ensures high-performance and faster deployment of new processes, systems, and applications. DevOps helps businesses deliver better software with lesser failures and faster recovery times and shorter lead time.

Due to the increased competition and need for speed, businesses today must deliver high quality and fast IT solutions. And DevOps has become the apple of the eyes of several businesses due to the effective results it gives. Resultantly, DevOps engineers are in demand too. Our DevOps Automation Catalogue will equip you with the theoretical and practical skills essential to make you an excellent DevOps Engineer. Here, you can gain a complete view and understanding of the entire software development process including end-to-end integration, testing, delivery, deployment, and management of software on an array of platforms. The course module and training will also give you in-depth knowledge of various tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and more.

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