IMS Cloud & IoT Technology

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Access 144 courses for 1 year at just Rs. 4999/-

Access 144 courses for 1 year at just Rs. 4999/-

IMS Cloud & IoT Technology

Cloud computing is the practice of using an internet hosted network of remote servers instead of local computers or servers for storing, managing, and processing data. IMS Cloud is the architecture proposed for use in high-quality multimedia applications. IoT is the connectivity of the internet beyond computers and mobile devices to every other thing around us. Understanding the massive technological leverage, cost-benefit, and productivity enhancement advantages of Cloud Computing and IoT, a majority of businesses worldwide are adopting these technologies. Cloud infrastructure already accounts for more than one-third of IT spending worldwide and the growing interest in IoT has only ensured that the stakes are raised. With more and more companies moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, and the IoT market growing fast, demand for professionals with the right skills has also increased significantly.

With our IMS Cloud & IoT catalogue, you can learn solutions that assist in managing reliable and secure upgrades, mergers, expansions, and implementations for the management of complex IT Infrastructure. The wide range of courses will help you understand concepts like log management, workload automation, configuration management, integration of cloud-based applications and services, fundamentals of IoT. You will also gain hands-on experience in automation and virtualization techniques, Designing & Implementation of cloud security features; efficient management of cloud architecture, implementing end-to-end ML models and understanding the deployment of the latest AI tools to power cloud applications. The catalogue also involves learning the use of Raspberry Pi and Python to develop an application and understanding how hackers use Raspberry Pi for hacking into other devices. Look into our catalogue for more details.

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