Executive Program in Data Science

Become a Successful Data Scientist in any sector/Industry

5780+ Learner's Enrolled | Rated 4.9 / 5 from Learner's

5780+ Learner's Enrolled
Rated 4.9 / 5 from Learner's

About Executive Program in Data Science

Companies continue to ramp up big data efforts and attempt to make sense of their newly digitized business models and digital revenue opportunities. Big data analytics received a major push across global businesses in 2019 as data scientists increasingly partnered with data engineers to streamline data management and normalize the mainstream use of machine learning algorithms. Small businesses are just starting to turn their attention to the potential of data analytics. Market Analysis by leading recruitment agencies globally show that over 250,000 posts of data scientists remain unfilled in 2020, showing the gap in skilled people compared to demand.

Key Highlights

Course Start Date:

1st Nov, 2020

Course Duration:

4 Months

Mode of Delivery:

Online Self-Paced

No. of Hours:

180 hours


2 Months Live Projects


Basic to Advanced

Important Things to Know About Data Science

Growth of Data Science

As per many studies, the Data Science industry has shown tremendous growth in the recent past and is expected to continue growing at a good pace. Businesses in all industries are capitalizing on the vast increase in data and the new big data technologies becoming available for analyzing and gaining value from it. A gigantic increase of almost 28 percent in employment in this field has made it a popular career path among many individuals.
In this program, you can learn a unique combination of Data Science skills.

  • R, which is a unique, open-source tool and a highly potent programming language used in data analysis.
  • Python, which is the best choice for computing tools, for data analysis and for machine learners and designers. ence ML through working on these platforms.
  • Experience ML through working on these platforms.
The curriculum also introduces students to Tableau and Data Visualization, which would help one to understand and have core skills like Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, etc.

Careers & Remuneration in Data Science

Data Science is considered a lucrative career pathway in the industry today. Numerous openings spanning across all sectors are available for data science skilled individuals and relevant jobs are showing only the signs of growth. More companies are adopting data science, and they are hiring data scientists by hordes. Although India produces a lot computer science and IT graduates, the demand-supply gap for data science jobs vs applicants is only widening. 
Roles: Data Engineers, Business Intelligence Developer, Statistical Analyst, Data Analyst Pay: Pay: Starting pay Rs.450k – 780K

Learner's Advantage

Get a Degree from Jain (Deemed-to-be University)

Jain (Deemed to be University) - One of the Top Ranked Universities in India that offers a Certificate upon Course Completion

Crafted Carefully

Course Curriculum is Designed and Developed by Top Notch Academia and Industry Professionals. Get Trained According to the latest Industry Requirements

Expert Facilitators

Learn from Passionate and Experienced Subject Matter Experts from Industry & Universities

Hands-On Learning

Gain Hands-On Experience through Case Studies, Projects and Practice on latest Industry Demand Tools and Business Applications

Weekly Assignments

Assignments at the end of each Module ensures efficient learning and reinforcement of concepts

Live MasterClass

Get Access to Live Master Classes delivered by Industry experts on latest industry Trends

Program Support

A Dedicated Team of Experts to attend your Academic Queries


Work with a Dedicated Student Mentor from Industry providing support with every step of the way. Get Expert Advice on the Right Career Path

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Personalized Resume Building and Regular Mock interviews

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Who Can Learn


Get your Executive Program Certification while you are in college and start your career early. Train in industry-relevant skills and Interact with Mentors across multiple industries and enhance your learning through Certifications. Get rewarding Job offers from top companies and Kickstart your career.

Working Professionals

Upskill & Prepare Yourself for Senior Positions or Transition to new roles by gaining in-demand Skills. Experience seamless Integration of Theory,Practicals and Continuous Evaluation of your Progress by Mentors.

Program Curriculum

  • Big Data Characteristics
  • Big Data and Business
  • Case Studies
  • Data Relationships and Data Model, Data Grouping
  • Clustering Algorithms, Getting ready for Clustering Algorithms, Clustering Algorithms – UPGMA, single Link Clustering KPIs,
  • Businesses & Data Elements
  • Mapping for business outcomes
  • Basic Query, Advanced Query – Embedding
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency, Spread and Shape – I
  • Measures of Central Tendency, Spread and Shape – II
  • Measures of Central Tendency, Spread and Shape – III
  • Measuring Association
  • Introduction to R
  • Common Data Structures in R
  • Conditional Operation and Loops
  • Looping in R using Apply Family Functions
  • Creating User Defined Functions in R
  • Graphics with R
  • Advanced Graphics with R
  • Text Analytics, Basics of text analysis processes
  • Web crawling, Web Scraping from downloaded html files
  • Text classification
  • Singular Value decomposition concept
  • Latent Semantic Analysis
  • Document clustering
  • Topic Modeling
  • Class Assignments and Presentation
  • Understanding Basics of Python
  • Control Structures and for loop
  • Playing with while loop | break and continue
  • Strings and files, List,
  • Dictionary and Tuples – Introduction to Spark for Python
  • Apache Spark Framework
  • Deep Dive into Spark RDDs
  • Spark SQL
  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Slicing Data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (Continue)
  • Missing Value Imputation and Outlier Analysis
  • Linear Regression Motivation
  • Linear Regression optimization objective
  • Linear Regression in Python
  • Introduction to Regression Tree
  • Introduction to Classification Tree
  • Measures of Selecting the best Split
  • Cluster Analysis – Hierarchical Clustering & k-Means Clustering
  • Customer segmentation in Telecom Industry using Cluster Analysis
  • k-Means clustering
  • Association Rules mining
  • Market Basket Analysis

Live Projects & Case Studies

Work on Live Projects

Learn through real-time Industry Projects sponsored by top Companies across Industries. Get mentored by industry experts who will provide their valuable feedback and suggestions on your Project Ideation, choice of tools and Implementation skills. Apply the learning from the course to real-time scenarios and get a solid Perspective of the Structure and Functions of an Industry.

Industry Based Case Studies

Reading a Case Study is a great way to know both the milestones and mishaps of a Business, Product or a Service. They give a profound insight into the Rights and Wrongs that occurred and its aftermath. Studying Industry-specific Case Studies could be the best way to immerse yourself in Research and Analysis on different topics covered in the course.

Data Science Tools

Career Support

6 Course in One Programs
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With over 1000+ hiring partners our Learner's will have a vast number of placement opportunities, to start their career in the booming field of Digital Marketing.

6 Course in One Programs
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Before sending you out to take up interviews an intensive session of Q&As, followed up with mock interviews is conducted, so that our students can crack the interviews at ease.

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Personality Development Program

We also provide assistance with Soft Skills training, necessary for you to take up a job, including building a perfect resume, how to present oneself professionally

Program Fee Details

  • 22,500/-
Exclusive Of GST
One time University Registration 2,500/-
  • 81,000/-
Exclusive Of GST

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Industry Speaks

6 Course in One Programs

There are different ways to learn data science, go to university, follow a bachelor or master in data science

6 Course in One Programs

Data Science has brought another industrial revolution to the world. Every industry in this world requires data. With the advancements in computational capabilities

6 Course in One Programs

In recent times, Data Science, an emerging technology, has perhaps been the most discussed term in the Information and Technology industry.

6 Course in One Programs

The goal of this career guide is to arm you with that knowledge, so you can spend your time efficiently and end up with the data science career you want.

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