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About Executive Programs

The online instructor-led Executive Programs offered at JAINx are, by nature, training programs designed to blend academia with specific industries. These programs are delivered by top academicians and renowned industry experts to help inculcate the current market trends and specific industry needs in Learner's. The programs on offer, viz, the Executive Program in Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning, and the Executive Program in Cyber Security include an in-depth study of these professional domains. These programs are tactically packaged over a span of 6 months to offer maximum knowledge-benefit to Learner's in the minimum possible time. The main objective of these programs is to train individuals according to specialized industry requirements and create a talent pool with improved employability.

The students of these programs will be offered 100% career assistance along with curated mentorship to lead them to the right career choices. Apart from the well-placed and packaged course modules, the students will also gain a great amount of industry exposure, by way of involvement in live projects and case studies. The Master-classes with industry experts will ensure that the students get real-time information, stories, and lessons of what works in the industry and what doesn't. And to add to it all, is the Jain University certificate of completion, that would declare to the world that 'the heroes are ready'!

Our Programs

Live Online Classroom

Executive Program in Digital Marketing

Covering the essential marketing and advertising concepts, along with in-depth knowledge of Digital marketing and Content Writing

Live Online Classroom

Executive Program in Cyber Security

The world relies on technology more than ever before. As a result, digital data creation has surged. Today, businesses and governments store a great deal of data on computers

Live Online Classroom

Executive Program in Enterprise Networking

An Enterprise Network is the backbone of any organization’s Communications network. The Enterprise Network environment is usually configured

Live Online Classroom

Executive Program in Web Development

With constant changes happening in the technology field and the world going digital, there is a need for all businesses to buckle up

Self-Paced and Blended

Executive Program in Business Analytics

Business analytics is the field focused on how to use data and models to make better business decisions. You can think of business analytics as data science for business.

Self-Paced and Blended

Executive Program in Data Science

Data Science is considered a sexy and lucrative career pathway in the industry today. Numerous openings spanning across all sectors

Live Online Classroom

Executive Program in Wealth Management

Certification Program for Financial Planning and Wealth Management career aspirants. Upon completion of all four levels

Live Online Classroom

Executive Program in Retail Banking

Retail Banking have expanded over the years and will keep updating as per the requirement of the customer and Government rules.