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C- Care
R – Regularity
E – Education
A – Ability
T - Teaching 

Our motto is to create new simple methods in education helping students to achieve their goals and we aim to help the marginated and neglected to get higher /professional education. We stand with society and societal rules thereby expanding the sphere of liberty through education. CREAT is affiliated to JUx-The Learning Hub certification and we focus on Teachers Training Courses.
Elementary school is the most important stage for every child, since the child may evolve from a young bud to a self-conscious person. Being away from their mothers for the very first time enables children to develop their independence and have the chance to act on their social skills and responsibilities. Elementary schools provide children with safe environments to grow in, as well as equipping them with motivation and skills that enable them to handle individual circumstances. Moreover, children being in school, are in a better position of being able to explore new ideas and spend more time with their peers who help in developing their personality and individual skills.
In India as well as in the rest of the world, preschools are spreading like wildfire and every neighbourhood has a preschool that follows Maria Montessori or the "Kindergarten" method. Not all these preschools are run by trained preschool teachers, who have the knowledge of facilitating learning in young children in the best possible manner.
Therefore, we created CREAT to impart quality teacher training to aspiring teachers and develop in them the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude required for working with pre-schoolers in diverse preschool set-ups.
We work tirelessly on behalf of the students who wish to make their career in teaching, technical or literacy fields. Through traversing the most modern syllabus and teaching, the students uplift their sense of learning and develop the capacity to question and find the answer by themselves. We have the intention to change the world through education and we stay in harmony with the intellectual idea of universal love.

Courses Subscribed

Type of Course Course Title
Certification CourseComputer Teachers Training Course (CTTC)
Certification CourseFashion Design
Certification CourseFront Office and Customer Service Management
Certification CourseHospital Management
Certification CourseHospital Management Training Course (HMTC)
Certification CourseMontessori Teachers Training Course (MTTC)
Certification CourseOffice Automation
Certification CoursePre-Primary Teachers Training Course (PPTTC)
Certified Skill DiplomaAirline and Airport Operations
Certified Skill DiplomaAuto CAD
Certified Skill DiplomaAnimation & Gaming
Certified Skill DiplomaBusiness Management
Certified Skill DiplomaCivil Draftsman and Surveying
Certified Skill DiplomaComputer Teachers Training Course (CTTC)
Certified Skill DiplomaTaxation
Certified Skill DiplomaElectrical Design And Drafting
Certified Skill DiplomaFashion and Apparel Designing
Certified Skill DiplomaHospital Management Training Course (HMTC)
Certified Skill DiplomaInterior Design
Certified Skill DiplomaMechanical QA/QC
Certified Skill DiplomaMontessori Teachers Training Course (MTTC)
Certified Skill DiplomaOffice Automation
Certified Skill DiplomaPre-Primary Teachers Training Course (PPTTC)



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