In recent times, businesses are focusing on making data-driven decisions. A large amount of data is generated and collected every day by businesses. But it is hard to make sense of this data and hence the need for data analysis and organization becomes important. Big Data experts are the professionals who know how to efficiently handle and organize this data into understandable formats. There is a high demand for such experts in all major organizations. who know how to efficiently handle and organize this data into understandable formats. There is a high demand for such experts in all major organizations.

Career Support

Attend innovative job fairs organised every 2 months across the country.
Join in our recruitment drives with top tech companies looking for highly trained professionals.

Connect To Careers Job Fairs

Participate in Recruitment Drives and connect with the best talent admirers in the Industry. Gain access to a wide range of opportunities and find the perfect job for you!

Connect To Careers eHire

Our online career support gets you hand-picked opportunities from top organizations. With over 100+ jobs across domains & 50+ new companies hiring boost your chances of getting a job.

Live Projects

Take part in live projects to gain real-time experience in your domain & Industry, and add value to your resume.

Networking Sessions

Network, collaborate and discover more with your batchmates. Get access to our alum base of over 10000 from fortune 500 companies

Global Immersion

Work with our dedicated customer success team to get you hand-picked opportunities from top organizations around the world relevant to your profile and experience.

Career Mentorship

Work with Industry Experts to get personalized career advice through 1-1 sessions. With personalized attention from mentors find out what opportunities are right for you.

Live Projects

Get the real-time experience of working on multiple projects through our live project training program. The live project gives beginners an excellent opportunity to learn in real what they have studied earlier. Live project training is an initiative to fulfill the gap created between the learning processes at colleges and working methodology at companies.

The main benefits include: You will get to work and interact with the industry experts to learn in detail the project development concepts. You get exposure to real-time client projects and hence will derive the actual experience similar to working in the companies. The project development processes employed in the software development companies can be learned in these live project training programs. These projects give you the experience of the actual corporate working environment

Career Mentorship

The Career Mentoring Program brings mentors, mentees, and the Career Centre together to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and connections mentees need as they transition into the world of work.

The program allows undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows to:

  • Get experience that compliments and gives context to academic pursuits.
  • Practice industry-specific, self-management skills to improve chances of landing a job
  • Expand career options by learning job search strategies.
  • Exchange knowledge, insights, and experience with a mentor.
  • Get personalized attention from experienced industry practitioners and find out what opportunities are right for you.