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About Post Graduate Programs

The online instructor-led Post Graduate Programs at Jain University are designed to help individuals gain a deeper sense of understanding of a particular field both theoretically and practically. Our well-designed course modules help Learner's specialize in a particular career path while making them most valued in the market. The program at JAINx integrates academic teaching with industry challenges to give the learner an overall corporate outlook. These courses are carefully crafted in association with industry and cover the latest tools and techniques along with their business applications. Our Postgraduate programs on offer include areas of study like Cyber Security, Data Science with Machine Learning, UI/UX, Visual Communication, and Banking & Finance. While PG Programs in UI/UX, Visual Communication and Banking and Finance extend to a period of 480 hours; Cyber Security and Data Science with Machine Learning Programs being vast subjects, the PG Diplomas in these aspects are designed to extend to 825 hours.

The students registering for any of these programs can be assured of curated Mentorship to guide them with the choices in their career along with completely dedicated, professional career assistance. At the end of the course, in addition to the assured certificate of completion from Jain University, the students will also be left with a deep sense of satisfaction and strong intellect in their area of study owing to the all-pervasive curriculum, well-crafted Master-classes, and exposure to live industry projects.

Our Programs

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PGD in Cyber Security

Over the years, Cyber Security has been gaining momentum as a career. Many businesses are enhancing their online presence and transactions online.

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PGD in Data Science

Data has always been a game-changer for businesses. In the current business scenario, it can be the one thing that can help a business stay ahead of its competitors.

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Investment Banking and Capital Markets

The course equips you with the knowledge of practical skills in the area of financial modeling and analysis and work readiness modules like Aptitude

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PGP in UI / UX

Demand for UI/UX professionals has risen massively in India and abroad. This Programs offers you the opportunity to master all the techniques that go into making

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PGP in Visual Communication

The postgraduate Programs in visual communication is an opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing a creative career to acquire the necessary skills.

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PGP in Banking and Finance

The most comprehensive, skill-based program with curriculum aligned to the standards of the Banking & Financial sector.

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PGP in Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

By using effective marketing strategies. In this Course, you will learn how to apply Digital Marketing Techniques and Tools to achieve your marketing goals.

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PGP in Full Stack Development

Full-Stack Developers have joined the wagon of Professionals in Web development, along with Web Designers and Web Developers.

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PGP in Data Science and Data Visualizatoin

Data Science is considered a sexy and lucrative career pathway in the industry today. Numerous openings spanning across all sectors

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PGP in Business Analytics

Business analytics is the field focused on how to use data and models to make better business decisions. You can think of business analytics as data science for business.

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PGP in Enterprise Networking and Cloud Computing

The Enterprise Networking and Cloud Computing industry is a fast-growing industry delivering reliable, affordable and scalable Cloud solutions