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Design is everywhere! If you've been thinking about a career in Design, now is definitely the time to get started. Demand for creative professionals has risen massively in many territories including India and abroad. Good Design Education opens a gateway to amazing global opportunities from a multitude of industries.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Almost 80% of us indeed grasp things effectively when it comes to us in a Visual format. Visual Communication has transformed Marketing methods by engaging the customers with visually appealing content, that focuses on interactive designs and less on text content. In the past 5-6 years, we have seen an increasingly large number of young professionals and students entering the Creative field of Visual Communication, both because of the immense job satisfaction and good salaries. It is one of the top choices for Freelancers. The best thing about choosing Visual Communication as a Career is a wide range of specialized skills and career options available to you. News and Media, Journalism, Film industry or IT-companies, all require highly creative, skilled and enthusiastic Visual Communication Professionals to develop visually appealing and engaging content. Visual Communication Designer, Ad Photographer, Web Designer and Animator and so on are some of the Popular and high-demand careers you can choose. The average salary of a Visual Communication Professional in India ranges from 22k - 50 k and varies according to the experience and skills.

Mr. Raghavendra TK
Senior Faculty in Design

Mr. Mahesh Ravi
Creative Head & Course Manager


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Assessment will be conducted via practicals and written examinations.

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