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This program is designed to provide future professionals a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical know-how and skill-based understanding to enable their success in the sports and luxury industry world-wide.

Market Information and Need for a Program in Sports Management

Market Need: The sports management is highly professionalized in various nations across the globe. Global sports market is estimated approximately USD 600-700 billion. The United States, Australia, Europe, and even China, all have well established sporting leagues, which are managed by professional sport managers.

The domain of sports management encompasses various functions such as sports management & administration, Sports planning and event management, sports financial management of elite athletes, sports academies, Sports Infrastructure management, and so on. All of the aforementioned functions require professional sports personnel's.

The size of Indian sports market is approximately USD 1899 million. The advent of Indian Premier League (IPL) in Cricket initiated in 2009 revolutionized the sporting environment in India. In the present-day situation, though cricket upholds its supremacy, other sports have also made huge impacts and have grown drastically. The resounding success of the IPL opened the doors for many professional leagues such as Indian Sports League (ISL), Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), Indian Hockey League (IHL), which in-turn have started to inculcate a year-round professional sporting calendar in India. Hence, the market has been growing at the compound annual growth rate of 5%. All of these macro-environmental forces have led to the need of trained professional sports managers, which this program i.e. PGP in Sports Management wishes to address.

As demand for sports professionals increasing day by day and there will be significant increase in compensation paid to these employees. Moreover, industry will witness digital transformation and scarcity of talented sports workforce. The specially trained and experienced professional in Sport Management will apply their skills to understand strategic issues faced in sports, the working of sports industry.

Suitable Job Roles
Sport development officer
Sport administrator
Sport agent
Sport marketer
Event manager
Sport consultancy
Sport entrepreneurship

Sujith Paramba
Co-Founder & CEO, ScoreUp Foundation

Aswini Sahoo
Chief Strategy Officer, CricDost TechnoSports