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The year 2020 has been a game changer for the industry and digitization has emerged as the single driver for success at the global level. Given the exceptional growth of industry at global level, organizations need manpower that is proficient in handling international business through Digital Marketing. A successful transnational enterprise will have the right mix of sterling digital marketing and proven global business strategies and in order to create professionals who are adept at the above, a program in International Business and Digital Marketing shall be very rewarding.

Market Information and Need for a Program in International Business and Digital Marketing

Market Need: The process of internationalization together with continuous technology improvements, especially in the last three decades, has brought unprecedented flows of goods, services, labor and capital across national boundaries. World trade has become increasingly important, foreign direct investment is growing, and the competitive pressures on many industries and firms have intensified. There are big challenges for companies which operate internationally. They are becoming engaged in modes of business that are different from those they are accustomed to domestically. Therefore, it is important to develop a better understanding of how these multinational firms are managed and controlled.

As demand for high quality international business professionals increases, there will be adequate increase in compensation paid to such employees. Highly skilled professionals with flair of knowledge in global marketing and international markets and environment will enable companies to acquire global market share. With an international business diploma, students can work in both domestic and international boundaries occupying challenging positions in different organizations. A career in international business enable students to perform in following focus areas: International Marketing, Export and Import trade, International Human Capital, Project management, Strategic alliances, Operations management, Turnkey projects and investments, Logistics and Supply chain management and Entrepreneurship.

Suitable Job Roles
Marketing Communication Executive
Product Executive
Pre-Sales Executive
Sales Engineer
Product Specialist
Business Analyst-E-Commerce
Management Trainee - Digital Marketing
Management Trainee - Client Servicing
Client servicing - Outbound/Inbound

Manoj Mathan
Head of International Business, Radio Mirchi

Arockiasamy Satya
Director - Digital Marketing, Trigent Software

Subhobroto Chakroborty
Founder, The Digital Fellow