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Application development is the process for creating computer programs to fulfill different tasks required by a business. Application development is a lucrative career option in the desktop and mobile device market and is popular among developers. But this industry has its own set of challenges. Different platforms require developers to know different programming languages, and hence, choosing one language to master is not easy, and mastering one is not enough. Our Application Development Programming Catalogue offers 650 courses. You can now master more than one language at the same time. The courses give you the background, terminology, and advanced concepts required to build modern full stack applications for web, android, and iOS. Get familiar with every layer of software technology including database technologies, web server, network protocols, and UI/UX concepts required by an array of programming languages, and numerous tools and modern web application development frameworks that software engineers are expected to know. You can now build and continually refine fully functional full-stack applications in different Operating Systems and languages like C#, Angular, Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc.

Course Catalogue
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145 Courses

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183 Courses

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173 Courses

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Suitable Job Roles
Junior Developer
Software Developer
Web App Developer
Application Developer
Technical Architect
Software Development Manager