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Ranked among the top universities in India and considered a cerebral destination for students across the world and Bangalore in particular, for its illustrious history of developing talent, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is a hub for learning in every sense of the word.

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Web Technologies

Web Technology is the language of computers. It is the most important element in the creation of robust websites and web applications. It involves the coding and programming side of development and covers everything from a simple page of HTML text to complex, feature-rich applications designed to be accessed from various internet-connected devices. The web has grown to a larger market for most businesses, enterprises are investing in creating and expanding their online presence. The already existing demand for web developers is projected to grow by 13% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all other occupations. Our Web Technologies Catalogue can help you be future-ready for the expanding industrial requirement. The 150+ courses will assist you with learning and practicing website development and design with trending programming languages and frameworks. You will be provided hands-on experience in the latest client, and server-side programming practices and use of database programming and popular programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, Angular, Node, etc. These latest web design software programmes and online web design courses taught by domain experts will certainly simplify the process of learning web development for you.
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Technology is progressing at a fast pace, and so is the world of programming. With more than 4 billion users on the internet, computer programming is more important than ever. Programming can win you rewarding and unique career opportunities in various fields like technology, environment, medicine, gaming, business operations, and finance. If you are interested in programming or wish to advance in it, our advice for you is to learn some new programming skills. Upskilling in programming will not only ensure that you get paid better than average IT jobs but will also make an impressive addition to any resume. Our Programming Catalogue consists of 157 courses from basic to advanced levels. This catalogue is an outstanding way to get started with languages in computer programming like Java, JavaScript, Python, .Net, R, C++, Dart, etc. It will also guide you into learning the key concepts and fundamentals, logical thinking, programming best practices, discovering similarities between different languages, and gaining an understanding of which language is the right one for a particular task. You can also build on your coding experience with advanced courses available in applied software development to jumpstart a computer programming career.
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Mobile Application Development refers to the designing of applications to be used on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, vehicles, and wearables. Mobile apps are tailored to extend the services of every major company. Mobile applications have been the driving force for a lot of businesses as they bring sellers closer to prospects. These are a major part of non-business, personal, and intellectual communication too. Being an industry in high-demand, the Mobile technology industry also has immense scope for several newer, better, and well-paying job opportunities. Our mobility catalogue is well equipped with courses that can help you get ready for this lucrative career. The courses will help you master the development of unique and inventive mobile-only applications for Android and iOS devices. This diverse, in-depth development course-bundle will elevate your learning experience in designing and building mobile apps. Hands-on skills in Android and iOS app development can be a fantastic way to build your perfect first impression on top recruiters in industries like mobile games, e-commerce, education, entertainment, banking and payments, delivery, etc.
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IMS Cloud & IoT Technology

Cloud computing is the practice of using an internet hosted network of remote servers instead of local computers or servers for storing, managing, and processing data. IMS Cloud is the architecture proposed for use in high-quality multimedia applications. IoT is the connectivity of the internet beyond computers and mobile devices to every other thing around us. Understanding the massive technological leverage, cost-benefit, and productivity enhancement advantages of Cloud Computing and IoT, a majority of businesses worldwide are adopting these technologies. Cloud infrastructure already accounts for more than one-third of IT spending worldwide and the growing interest in IoT has only ensured that the stakes are raised. With more and more companies moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, and the IoT market growing fast, demand for professionals with the right skills has also increased significantly. With our IMS Cloud & IoT catalogue, you can learn solutions that assist in managing reliable and secure upgrades, mergers, expansions, and implementations for the management of complex IT Infrastructure. The wide range of courses will help you understand concepts like log management, workload automation, configuration management, integration of cloud-based applications and services, fundamentals of IoT. You will also gain hands-on experience in automation and virtualization techniques, Designing & Implementation of cloud security features; efficient management of cloud architecture, implementing end-to-end ML models and understanding the deployment of the latest AI tools to power cloud applications. The catalogue also involves learning the use of Raspberry Pi and Python to develop an application and understanding how hackers use Raspberry Pi for hacking into other devices. Look into our catalogue for more details.
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Game Development with AR & VR

Welcome to the world of gaming, where Reality can be Augmented, Virtual, or Mixed. Augmented Reality (AR), more used in gaming and critical simulation training, is the technology that gives an interactive experience to the user, making the situations feel real. Virtual Reality (VR) that has found high application in industries like entertainment, education, and medical science, ties virtually to reality by creating an interactive computer-generated 3D environment. And Mixed Reality (MR) is the merger of the Virtual and the Real. With life moving from real to digital, gaming has too; and so has the demand for professionals skilled in XR technologies. If you are someone interested in entertainment and technology, this might be the profession for you. We also have the perfect set of courses to prepare you for the profession. With our Game Development catalogue, gain hands-on experience in trending game development processes, tools, and techniques, achieve greater design and development efficiencies in different game and application development platforms like Unity, AR Core, and AR Kit for iOS and Android devices. The catalogue includes courses involving technologies that will help you develop and advance your skills in AR, VR, and XR and advance your career in one of the fastest-growing career paths.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the new-age door-to-door advertising. It is the marketing component involving the internet and online-based digital technologies and/or devices. It includes understanding the target audience, analyzing the market, and tracking data trends in addition to reaching the right customers at the right time and showing them the right information. Shopping trends have changed from physical to virtual, and the prospect base of every business has expanded from local to international. With businesses revamping their Marketing Strategies and adopting Digital Marketing to suit the trend, a major spike has been found in digital marketing jobs too. If you wish to enter or advance in this profession, our Digital Marketing catalogue is just the programme for you. Our courses offer an in-depth understanding of the market, data trends, and use of previous marketing strategies for marketing benefits. You will also gain hands-on experience in marketing tools, and skills like SEO, paid marketing, omnichannel marketing, sales funnels, marketing analytics, lead generation, and data-driven customer-centric approaches to customer retention. Every course from the catalogue will give you a wider understanding of the modern digital marketing landscape and help you digitally market products and services better.
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Devops Automation

DevOps is the set of practices and the relationship shared between software development and IT operations. It ensures high-performance and faster deployment of new processes, systems, and applications. DevOps helps businesses deliver better software with lesser failures and faster recovery times and shorter lead time. Due to the increased competition and need for speed, businesses today must deliver high quality and fast IT solutions. And DevOps has become the apple of the eyes of several businesses due to the effective results it gives. Resultantly, DevOps engineers are in demand too. Our DevOps Automation Catalogue will equip you with the theoretical and practical skills essential to make you an excellent DevOps Engineer. Here, you can gain a complete view and understanding of the entire software development process including end-to-end integration, testing, delivery, deployment, and management of software on an array of platforms. The course module and training will also give you in-depth knowledge of various tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and more.
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security entails the practices and tools used to secure the network infrastructure and computing devices from malicious access and security threats, helping businesses prevent vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data. An efficient Cyber Security system avoids threats such as data tampering, fraud, disruptions in critical operations, and inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information. With the growing demand and application of advanced security solutions, the demand for Cyber Security professionals has gone up too. Obtain access to 100+ courses in this catalogue and propel your Cyber Security career to greater heights, while also helping businesses remain secure, proactive, and competitive. During the courses you will contribute to Cyber Security projects executed on primary open-source platforms; learn the use of tools like Metasploit, Protocol Buffers, Pen Testing, pfSense, etc; understand security concepts and policies along with the application of Cyber Security procedures for real-world security threat scenarios and real-time problems. The courses will also enable you to describe basic authentication mechanisms, prevent malware, demonstrate an understanding of firewalls, virtual private networks, network intrusion detection, and understand how to recover from security failures. Not just that, you get the chance to prepare for the most important certifications issued by CompTIA with hands-on ethical hacking sessions.


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great words about Jainx

Our top learners' verbatim

The course is smartly designed and structured to provide in-depth knowledge

JAINx Program in Digital Marketing is the perfect option for whoever wishes to level-up in the Digital Marketing career scenario. The course is smartly designed and structured to provide in-depth knowledge of all essential marketing concepts as well as digital marketing and analytical tools.

Richard Andreo
Senior Executive - Immigration / Wipro

For the first time in life, I loved every bit of learning, thanks to JAINx

I was a Marketing creative with not much knowledge of technical tools. I had to take up a course in Digital Marketing for career reasons. After looking at a lot of options, I joined the Jain University Digital Marketing Program. I can only tell you that for the first time in life, I loved every bit of learning, thanks to JAINx.

Ramya G
Centralised Monitoring Lead / IQVIA

Signing up to the JAINx Cyber Security Program was one of the best educational decisions

Signing up to the JAINx Cyber Security Program was one of the best educational decisions I have made in my lifetime. The certificate of completion certainly helped me in getting placement in a great company, but the knowledge I have gained out of this course much greater than that.

Senior System Engineer / Cognizant

I felt comfortable and motivated right from the first day

They say it is difficult to go back to learning after you have worked for a few years. I had my apprehensions about it when I joined the Program in Cyber Security at Jain University. But the Instructors and Mentors are all so efficient, I felt comfortable and motivated right from the first day. The curriculum, assignments, and projects have skilled me up evidently.

R. Krishna Kumar
Senior Project Lead / Oracle

The course modules are designed in such a way as to empower you with deep technical abilities

I enrolled for the JAINx Program in Data Sciences and loved it. Two things you will love about studying at JAINx are the mentors and the course plan. The course modules are designed in such a way as to empower you with deep technical abilities. The mentors, on the other hand, stand by you and support you in every way they can through every step of the course.

Anoop S. Das
Infrastructure Specialist / IBM

Thanks to all the projects & practical sessions & the inspirational webinars with industry experts

The JAINx Data Sciences Program is your perfect shot to gaining a good placement if you are just out of college. By the end of the program, I felt so confident about your Data Analytics skills, thanks to all the projects and practical sessions and the inspirational webinars with industry experts.

Vaishnavi Nandakumar
Product Specialist / Cognizant
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